(Photo: Crystal Gwizdala)

My portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my career. I write, take photos, and dabble in audio and video.

Award-winning work

There’s more to drag than sparkly eye shadow and high heels,” Delta Collegiate

“Fend off the Flu,” informational graphic, Delta Collegiate

Planned Parenthood clinics under fire,” news photo, Delta Collegiate

Healthy eating is not expensive,Delta Collegiate


Morbid curiosity: Decay

When we die, we decompose. But how does decay work? I interviewed Emma Casey, a volunteer at the Chicago Field Museum in the birds department, about their flesh-eating beetles that are used to clean flesh from skeletons for display.

Written and narrated by Crystal Gwizdala. Produced and edited by Patrick Sochacki. Photo: Rolf Peterson holds the spine of a moose in a warehouse in Alberta, MI. Nov. 9, 2019. Credit: Crystal Gwizdala.

Applesauce making: A long-time family tradition

Sisters Alison “Deedee” Clarke and Carolyn “Candy” Peterson share their 40-year-old family tradition of applesauce making, using Haralson apples from their hometown of Duluth. Song: “Turning Toward the Morning” by Gordon Bok.

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